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Family owned and operated for over 25 years, at AP Blacktop Service we treat our clients like one of our own. You don’t stay in business for this long without going the extra mile for customers, and we certainly do. When you deal with AP Blacktop Service, you are not just another number.

Having started with asphalt paving, we now offer chip seal as well. To support this upgrade in services, we have also updated all of our equipment to give you the state- of-the-art experience you deserve, whether you need residential or commercial work completed.

We pride ourselves on our direct approach with all our Texas clients—when you call us, you will speak to a real person every time. From start to finish, we know the personal touch goes a long way.

Chip Seal vs. Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is the default paving method one pictures when discussing a job like this. An area is excavated, the asphalt is poured in, then a heavy roller flattens it. But you have probably seen chip seal being involved too. Chip seal is asphalt that is poured on a gravel base and topped with one to two layers of crushed stone, then compacted down. This method results in a more natural look that many prefer to the clean lines of asphalt.

  • • Longevity: Asphalt is the winner in this category, lasting up to 30 years whereas chip seal will need to be resurfaced after 10.
  • • Maintenance: Asphalt is prone to cracking due to its smooth surface and needs to be re-sealed every two to five years. Due to the gravel used in its creation, chip seal provides its own maintenance when the stones shift. While asphalt is less likely to crack, when it does it is noticeable.
  • • The Elements: Chip seal is risky in the winter, with plows likely to damage it, whereas asphalt is not the best in the summer since it absorbs heat and transfers it anything that crosses its path, whether that be your vehicle or your shoes.
  • • Curb Appeal: Chip seal and asphalt are on equal footing here. Whether one is more appealing than the other is up to you. Chip seal offers a natural beauty with its gravelly texture, and asphalt is the picture of sleek modernity.

But What do I Pay?

Chip seal and asphalt are both great options for residential or commercial paving and we love creating lasting paving for our clients.

When it comes down to cost, a chip seal driveway will generally cost a little less than an asphalt driveway. Rates are in the ballpark of two to five dollars per square foot, but every project is unique.

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